Which medical marijuana patients should have access to medical cannabis?

Medical marijuana users will be able to purchase cannabis oil from a local dispensary in California.

The state’s dispensaries will also be allowed to open for medical purposes.

But if you are unable to access the oil from your state-authorized medical provider, you can purchase it online or at a local retail store.

California Gov.

Jerry Brown signed the bill into law Friday, and it will take effect in 90 days.

“This is a groundbreaking bill that makes California the first state to allow cannabis patients to have access and access to cannabis at their local medical cannabis dispensaries,” Brown said in a statement.

Patients and caregivers can access it at the local dispensaries or online, and the program will allow them to buy their oil legally, without a prescription. “

The cannabis oil is an important tool in treating pain and nausea and chronic conditions.

A statewide medical cannabis program would be similar to a medical cannabis treatment center, but the state will only have the ability to allow one in each county. “

We will continue to monitor this law closely and we will continue the dialogue with our state and federal partners on how we can better support medical cannabis patients and their caregivers.”

A statewide medical cannabis program would be similar to a medical cannabis treatment center, but the state will only have the ability to allow one in each county.

Medical marijuana patients and caregivers would have access at the dispensaries.

A state-regulated cannabis cultivation facility would be used to grow cannabis and distribute the oil to patients.

The legislation allows the state to require that medical marijuana users undergo a 10-day cannabis test, and a 30-day medical test, before they can access the medicine.

Medical cannabis use is allowed for some patients, including children.

Patients will be allowed up to six cannabis plants, and one caregiver.

California residents will be required to receive a state-issued identification card and pay a $50 fee.

Brown signed Senate Bill 1266, which is sponsored by Republican Sen. Kevin de León and Democrat Sen. Ed Hernandez.

The bill was co-sponsored by state Sen. Bob Huff and Republican Sen, Mike McGuire.

Medical Cannabis Caregivers can access a 10% tax credit for medical cannabis oil at local dispensaries, which are currently allowed only to provide medical cannabis to patients in California, and to people with certain debilitating medical conditions.

It’s unclear if other states will follow California’s lead.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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