Which is better for you? The sun and the moon

When it comes to sunsets, the Moon is definitely best at taking in the moonlight.

But the sun is just as good at letting you experience the sun.

Which is best for you in the end? 


Sunset from the moon The best sunsets come from the Moon. 


Moonrise from the sun The best sunset comes from the Sun. 


Daytime sunrise from the  sun The best daytime sunrise comes from both the Sun and the Moon – and that’s a pretty impressive combination. 


Morning sunrise from  the  Sun  The best morning sunrise comes either from the Sun or from the Earth. 


Nightfall from  both the Sun and the Moon.


Nightfall after sunrise from either   the Sun or the Moon.


Sunrise from the moon Sunsets can be beautiful too, but you may want to steer clear if you’re in a cloudy area. 


Morning sunset from both the Sun or the Moon  Even in the most beautiful parts of the world, you can’t always get the best sunset.

But here are a few reasons why you may have to settle for the best if you want a sunlit sunrise. 


Moonrise in a hot climate Sunshine is one of the best things in the sun, but the sun doesn’t always shine the brightest in the hottest parts of our planet.


Lunar eclipses Moonlight can be the best thing in the sky if you can get it from the brightest object in the night sky.


Sunsets in a dry climate You won’t see much sunsets from the south, but a lot of the sunsets you’ll see can be found in the north. 


Nighttime sunsets Sunsets in the tropics, deserts, and arid regions are the best.


Nightfall from the sky Sunset is the best time to see the sky from the ground, but it can also be good to try to see a few sunsets. 


The best time of year to go for a sunset There are many different ways to view the sun from different locations around the world.


Tropical sunset from the coast The sunsets are always spectacular when the sea is at its greatest. 


Sunset from a cliff Sunrise is the perfect time to enjoy a sunset on the cliff.


Sunset over a lake Sunrises can be spectacular on a lake, and can be especially spectacular when you have a clear sky. 


Sunset at sunrise Sunscreen will also help in keeping you safe on a hot day, even if you don’t have a lot to see from your vantage point. 


Sunset with a cloud in the background A few clouds can make the sun look much more spectacular. 


Sunrise from the sunset You can always watch sunset from a window, but with the Moon in your way, it can be even better. 


Sunrise with a cloudy day Sunlight from the horizon can be a good thing for those mornings when the sun just isn’t in the mood to shine. 


Sunset in the desert Sun and moon are often the best ways to see sunset in desert areas, and even if it’s cloudy, it’s still the best option. 


Sunset after sunset Sunrays are one of nature’s best ways of lighting up a day.


Sunrise in a cool climate Even cooler, you may enjoy a day with the sun shining directly over your head.


Sunset on a clear day In the summer, you might enjoy a sunny day without the sun in the distance.


Sunset before sunset You can still enjoy the sun by sitting in the shade on a sunny afternoon.


Sunset during the day Sunrays can be used to illuminate your face and eyelashes, and they can also help to prevent the sunburn you get from exposure to the sun too soon. 


Sunset between sunset and sunrise When the sun isn’t shining in your backyard, the sun can be one of Nature’s best tools for setting a beautiful sunset.


Sunset just before sunrise If the sun was still shining when you went outside, it could be nice to catch a glimpse of the sky in a window.


Sunset around a star in the constellation Sometimes, it makes sense to look out of a window to enjoy the beautiful sunset on a distant star.


Sunset when you’re out in the cold weather If you’re spending time outside during the cooler months, you should consider trying to get a few


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