When is the end of the game? – ‘Football is about to end’ – By Marcello Tormi

The future of the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) has not been decided yet but the FAI is preparing for a long period of uncertainty.

A new football year begins on October 1, with the league’s opening day scheduled for that date.

The FAI has already decided the number of teams, the format and the number and type of supporters’ groups, and it will hold a consultation on the proposed new format in the coming weeks.

The FAI’s new season will begin in November with the FA Cup, the national football championship, which is already underway and the Champions League.

The club competition will continue for another three months, with fixtures expected to be completed in early December, but the competition will be played for the second time on November 9, the last day of the season.

The 2017-18 season will be the last for the old league, which started in 2002.

The Irish Football Association has stated that it will move into the new season with an increased focus on player recruitment and development.

It is expected that the FA will also introduce a “golden age” for the competition, with fans expected to feel that the new competition is a part of their club heritage and the FA’s heritage.

The competition will not be televised and will be live-streamed via Facebook.


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