Google’s new universal light

Google announced today that it has launched a new universal-light system that will allow for a single-lens camera to be attached to almost any smartphone and provide “high quality images”.

The camera will be able to adjust the focus and focus distance, so you can take photos of things that you can’t normally see, or of objects that are hidden under the smartphone’s display.

There will also be an adjustable light source that you’ll be able attach to the front of the phone, which you can set up to adjust light levels in a variety of ways. 

The new camera will initially be available in the UK, but there’s no word yet on whether other countries will be included. 

Here’s the full press release: Google today announced that it is introducing the world’s first universal light system, the Universal Light, that will enable a single lens camera to work with almost any smart phone and provide high-quality images. 

Universal light is the first of its kind to allow a single camera to act as both a lens and a light source.

The camera attaches to the back of the smartphone using a new standard for attaching lenses, which can be easily attached to any smartphone or tablet. 

“Universal light brings with it new possibilities for imaging and allows for a wide range of applications including high-end photography, gaming, outdoor photography, and even sports photography,” said Andrew Lee, Vice President of Devices for Google.

“It can be used in many ways and can even be used as a low-power light source for outdoor sports, where low-light conditions are important.” 

The Universal Light system will be available worldwide, but we won’t have a preview for you until next month.

It’s likely that the camera will have to be adjusted a bit for a more comfortable attachment. 

What do you think about this new universal camera?


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