How to make a lightbulb for less and it’s a whole lot easier

The last time I wrote about a light bulb was in 2011, when I discussed the light bulb as an energy saving measure.

I’ve always believed that a light fixture should be light-absorbing, and I’ve been looking for ways to do just that ever since.

In the last five years, I’ve become increasingly interested in lightbulbs.

For example, my wife and I were recently talking about our home and we noticed that the lights on the side of the house were dimming when we turned the light on.

Our lights were on, and we were still watching television, so we decided to look for a way to save energy.

We found the best solution, and after trying to use it for a few months, we decided that it was time to go back to the drawing board and make a new light bulb.

So, we went to a local Home Depot and bought a light box.

This was not the cheapest light box I’ve ever owned, but it was definitely a better option than trying to buy one that would be hard to operate.

The light box came with instructions, and they also had a few extra tips that helped make it more convenient and easier to operate than a traditional light bulb: It comes with a cord, and you can use it as a wall outlet.

It comes in a wide range of colors.

It has a range of wattages, and it is available in multiple styles.

And finally, you can replace the bulb whenever you want, as long as it has at least a 1.6W battery, according to the manufacturer.

As I mentioned before, a new bulb comes with all of these advantages, but there is one drawback.

For those who have seen the light box, the new one was actually the same as the old one, which meant that it could only be used on the top or side of your home, which is not a very ideal situation.

That is why we bought a new one instead.

To make matters worse, the light-bulb store that we visited said that the new light box was too expensive.

In a word, it was expensive.

For a light-box that costs less than $25, that’s a bargain!

And, when it comes to saving energy, the price is still a good deal.

We used the lightbox for about two weeks, and at first we were pretty impressed.

But we soon found out that it really was not light-saving at all.

So what did we learn?

Here’s what we learned: A light bulb is light-producing and it only requires 1.8W to operate for two hours.

When a light is on for two minutes, it uses about 10% of the energy that is available.

And, for the light that is on, the energy absorbed is about 30%.

The amount of energy that you can get from a light bulbs is limited, so the amount of light you can save by replacing it depends on the lighting conditions.

So the best thing to do is to get rid of your old light bulbs as quickly as possible.

Here are some tips that will help you to get the most out of your new light-battery-powered bulb: Take a look at the bulb.

Look at the wattage.

Look for the best light that will give you the most light-shifting efficiency, and check the battery.

If it has a battery life of less than six months, replace it.

If you have a light with a battery, get rid the battery immediately.

Use a bulb that is easy to operate and has a good battery life.

Get a light that you like to replace every few months.

That way, the next time you replace your bulb, you’ll have a better idea of the quality of the new bulb.

Read the instructions carefully.

Some of the tips in this article are not as applicable to new light bulbs, but they will help your next time that you are thinking about replacing your bulb.

In other words, if you are a light consumer, these tips will help to make sure that you have an efficient and reliable bulb.

For more, visit the Solutions for the Power Hungry blog.

‘We’re all still in shock’: Family of missing schoolgirl reacts to loss of their daughter

Posted November 09, 2018 08:02:48 A day after her family lost a daughter, a distraught family has expressed their shock over the news of the disappearance of their 10-year-old daughter.

The family of Shireen Mahdavi, who disappeared while shopping for Christmas presents in March, said they had been “horrified” and that they hoped her death would lead to justice.

Shirean Mahdavis, 10, was last seen on the morning of March 18.

She was reported missing to police after her phone went off and her father picked her up and took her home.

They had not seen her since.

Shreya Mahdavids parents, Zeenat and Shireel, and Zeena Mahdavid, said that after receiving a text message from her, they contacted the Queensland Police Service and that she had been located.

“We are still in a state of shock.

I have no idea what happened,” Ms Mahdavin told the ABC.

“I am just so happy that I have found out what happened to my daughter.”

The family said that they were hopeful the girl’s disappearance would lead others to seek help.

“Our hope is that the next person out there that has been a victim of domestic violence or someone who is vulnerable to being abused, to speak up and come forward,” Ms Mohdavis said.

“The more we can get through this, the more people will know what happened and that can be a really important thing.”

Zeenas father, Zeeshan, said he was relieved that his daughter was safe.

Police have said that Shireens parents believe that she may have been abducted by a man while shopping at a local Walmart. “

It was just a case of bad parenting,” Mr Mahdavan said.

Police have said that Shireens parents believe that she may have been abducted by a man while shopping at a local Walmart.

“When we found out that she was missing, we were shocked, it was quite difficult,” Ms Zeenavas said.

She said that her daughter did not speak to her mother for the last four days.

Shree Mahdava said that she would never forget her daughter’s disappearance.

“Shireen was the most beautiful, smart and bright child I have ever known, I just don’t have words for the way she was treated,” she said.

Shreya Mahdan was last heard from by her mother at 4:30pm on March 18, and she had just returned home from a trip to Melbourne.

Shadeen’s father, Shreyat, said it was an emotional time for both parents.

“You know, Shireesh’s parents were so distraught, they were so upset,” Mr Zeenan said.

The parents said that their family was also upset at the Queensland Government’s response.

“They didn’t seem to care about our family,” Mr Shreyam said.

Ms Zanias family is hoping to receive an update on the status of their missing daughter, and that it will provide closure for their grieving family.

“There are a lot of questions, there are a million questions.

And we don’t want any of that to be the last word on this, but we do want to know what really happened,” she told the news.

The ABC’s Sarah Williams reported from Brisbane.

Which clothing brand is the most expensive?

In a new survey, clothing brand Ironman light ranked as the most affordable brand among all brands surveyed by brand consultancy

The survey also found that Ironman Light has the best brand experience and the lowest price of all brands.

The brand, which was founded in 2015, has sold more than 8 million pairs of jeans and has more than 3,000 employees.

Its brand ambassador is Michael Phelps, the reigning swimming champion.

The Ironman brand was ranked as one of the most influential brands in the fashion industry by Forbes Magazine in 2013, and in 2018, the brand earned a perfect 10 out of 10 from the Forbes Best Brands in the World survey.

According to the brand, its sales rose by 50% last year.

According the Branding report, brands are often targeted by consumers who are seeking cheaper, faster, and more convenient ways to shop online. has tracked over 100,000 brands since its inception in 2004.

It ranks brands based on sales, brand engagement, and other factors, as well as on a brand’s global reach and brand equity.

How to read this

title How much do you love Chicago?

The city is a mix of big, big and small sources Newsweek title What you need to know about the city’s newest neighborhood article Chicago has always been an oasis for many, and its recent influx of millennials has created a lot of room for growth and new places to settle.

But some areas of the city are still struggling.

This article looks at what makes Chicago so special, and how to enjoy it, even if you’re not part of the urban fabric.


The sun shines.

Chicago is a city of stars.

This year, the sun will shine on more than 60 cities around the world, with a total of 541.

It will shine from mid-June until the end of August, and for the first time in a long time, there will be a full moon.

It’s been a long night, and a lot can go wrong.

Chicago’s sunsets are particularly spectacular in the winter.

It won’t be the same again until March 2019.

But in a city that has always prided itself on the cold weather, the best places to enjoy the city without breaking the bank are when it’s not raining.

As the months go on, the sky becomes a bit darker, and even if the sun shines, the wind is whipping in the wrong direction.

You’ll have to be careful not to cross paths with a cloud or snow plow.

The best time to visit is in the early evening or early morning hours, when there are few people and the temperature can drop to -5 degrees Fahrenheit.


It is hot.

Chicago has long been a hot place.

In 1851, the city was home to the first recorded heat wave in America.

Since then, Chicago has been among the top 10 hottest places in the world for many reasons.

The city has more than a dozen heat islands.

It has a population of more than 5 million.

Chicago, with an estimated 1.5 million residents, has one of the highest temperatures in the country.

It even has a few weather events that can make it more of a challenge to enjoy its sunsets.

The worst thing you can do is drive in Chicago in the summer, because it gets so hot.

When you drive into the city, expect the temperature to rise well above 100 degrees.

The first half of the summer can be even more dangerous, especially for the elderly and people with respiratory illnesses.

This is a good time to get outside, as the temperatures in Chicago start to climb as the days grow hotter.

Temperatures in Chicago can reach as high as 115 degrees Fahrenheit, which is quite a bit hotter than your average summer day in the city.

Chicago will probably be your number one destination for the summer months.

There will be no shade, so make sure you bring a hat or jacket to protect yourself from the heat.


It can be a little bit dangerous.

As we mentioned before, Chicago is no stranger to heat waves, which can be particularly dangerous in the hot summer months when there is very little shade to block the sun’s rays.

If you’re on a tight schedule, this may be a bad time to drive in the afternoon, or even the evening.

There’s a chance of getting into an accident or worse.

This can be especially dangerous if you have a family member who can be at risk for heat stroke, or if you’ve just arrived at a busy intersection.

If your car gets stuck, the chances of it being picked up by a tow truck or an ambulance are even higher.

It doesn’t have to turn out like this, but if you can’t find shade, consider staying home during the summer.

You can also consider getting a hotel reservation if you want to get away from it all.


You might not see many sights during the day.

There are a few places where you can get some great shots of the sun, but overall, you’ll be better off going out after dark, and staying inside.

You won’t have much opportunity to catch the rays of the moon, so it’s best to avoid the city during those hours.

During the summer it will be an advantage to be at home, or at least indoors.

There’ll be more light, and you’ll have the chance to enjoy a few hours of sun on the couch, while watching a movie.


There is a lot to see.

For starters, Chicago was once a major city with an extensive rail network.

The Chicago River runs through the city on the north side of the river, and runs through parts of Chicago’s east side.

The lakefront area, the suburbs, the neighborhoods, the country and the city itself are all within walking distance of each other.

The river also passes through the heart of the Loop, which has become one of Chicagos most popular tourist attractions.

For many people, this is the first thing they notice when they walk into the Chicago area.

The Loop is also a popular tourist destination, with people visiting from across the country to experience the city and

How to Use the Christmas Light Sketchup Light Source in SketchUp Light Model

The light source in Sketchup light model lets you create the same look as the Christmas light source from the light source model but in a way that’s a little more flexible.

Here are some examples: 1.

Create a Christmas light from a regular light source 2.

Add some Christmas lights to the background 3.

Create the Christmas tree 4.

Add the Christmas lights around the tree to create the illusion of Christmas lights 5.

Create Christmas trees that blend into the rest of the home. 

Each of these can be applied to any light source or even to light sources with different lighting effects, such as a red, green or blue light source. 

If you’re looking for a simple light source to use for your holiday decorations, then this light source can be a great fit.

The light in the image is the same light source as in the light sources below. 

The Christmas tree light source has the same base color as the light in this article. 

There are also some additional light sources in the Christmas Lights section of the light model. 

Here are some light sources that you may want to consider adding to your holiday decor. 

A blue and green Christmas tree lights source can add some Christmas vibes to the room. 

You can use the Christmas Tree Light source for a festive touch or to create a festive backdrop for a party. 

Create the Christmas Christmas Tree with the Christmas Lighting Source. 

Use the Christmas and Christmas Tree Lights Source in a Halloween Light Source.

Create the Halloween Christmas Tree light source and light source on Halloween. 

In the image below, the Halloween lights are on top of the Christmas trees. 

 You could use a similar Christmas light for a Halloween party.

 This Halloween Light source will make the light from the Christmas decorations look festive and festive. 

This light source is great for lighting your house for Halloween.

Make the Halloween Halloween Tree light. 

Make the Halloween holiday lights look like they are Christmas lights. 

Add a Halloween Christmas Light to your Halloween decorations. 

Light up the Christmas party for Halloween with a Halloween Halloween Lights light source . 

Add an eerie Christmas Light Source to your party with the Halloween Holiday Lights light sources. 

How to Use SketchUp Lighting Source in Photoshop  You may want a light source that’s really easy to add to your scene and will make it easier to create Christmas lights, decorations, and other decorations.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use SketchUp light source with the light base color to create light sources from the base color of a light or a white light source like a white lamp. 

When you’re creating a light base, SketchUp lights can be added on top and below the light and are also applied to the light.

If you want to use the light with more than one color, you can choose to use a color gradient.

If a light is not white, it can be set to a color that matches a color palette. 

SketchUp Light Base Color: The light base colors that you choose in Sketch Up will be the base colors for the light color.

For example, a red light base can be made with a white base color, or a green base color can be combined with a red base color. 

Adding the Christmas Lamps Light to a SketchUp model  When adding a Christmas Light source, you need to be aware of what color the light will be when the model is viewed in Sketch.

This light will only show on the light blue color of the model when the light is on and off. 

It is also possible to change the color of light when the lights are off and on.

For a white model, this would be a red and green light base with a green light on top, and a blue light base on the bottom. 

By default, Sketch will set the light’s color to a white color.

You can change this behavior by selecting the “Light Base Color” option. 

Choose a Base Color for the Light: Select a base color that will match the light that you’re going to use.

You could use the same color for a different light source but the same value for each light. 

 Select a color to set the Light Base: In Sketch, the color palette is shown on the right side of the screen, and you can click on the color to change it. 

Select the “Set” button to create an instance of the color, and then click “Add”. 

The light base will automatically be set with the specified color.

To set a different color to the base, click the “Change Color” button and choose a different base color from the list. 

 Click the “OK” button in the bottom right corner to close the Light Color Editor. 

Change the Light Effect for the Lights: After selecting a base to use in the Light Effects Editor, you have the option to change how the light appears in the

How to buy a laptop, tablet and smartphone from Amazon, eBay and B&M

You can get a laptop for less than $100 from, but that’s not going to be enough to replace a lot of work.

You’ll need a lot more than $90 for a laptop.

But if you want to spend more, there are a few other places to get that cheap laptop.

There are two options, but one has a bigger selection of high-end laptops.

Amazon is offering its own list of laptops, tablets and smartphones that it says can be purchased at $100 to $500.

It lists the Asus Zenbook UX303UA as the most affordable laptop on its list.

It’s also one of the most powerful models.

The other is the Acer Chromebook 13.

The price difference is pretty negligible, but the Asus Chromebook 13 is also more powerful and can do more processing and graphics work than a $100 Asus ZenBook UX303U.

The Acer Chromebook 12 is also slightly cheaper than the Asus Asus ZenBOOK UX303.

You can also find a variety of inexpensive devices on eBay that are priced in the $50 to $100 range.

You will want a solid computer if you’re looking to make money online.

If you want a cheaper, smaller laptop or tablet, you might be better off buying something from Amazon or eBay.

We have a complete guide to buying a laptop and tablet online.

Read more: Amazon offers the cheapest laptop in the world at $130 Amazon is one of a few companies that offers laptops for under $100.

The company says that the Lenovo ThinkPad X230 has an Intel Celeron N2840 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a touchscreen display and a 13-inch display.

You get one year of Amazon Prime and an additional year of a free 30-day trial of Amazon Alexa, Alexa Voice and Amazon Music.

The Lenovo Thinkpad X230 is available at Amazon for $120 from Best Buy.

The Dell Inspiron G520 is available for $100 off from Amazon and Dell.

Dell sells the Inspiron 1620 for $129 off from Dell.

It also sells the HP Pavilion 1610 for $79 off from BestBuy.

There is no comparison for the Dell Inspirons but you can check Amazon’s page for the cheapest Dell Inspire laptops.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad G630 is $129 from Bestbuy.

HP sells the ThinkPad W520 for $130 from Amazon Best Buy and Best Buy offers the Thinkpad W620 for $89 off from HP.

The ThinkPad P610 has the same specifications but is available on Amazon for about $130.

Dell’s Chromebook 11 for $110 off from the Dell website.

Dell is offering the Acer Aspire E3 Chromebook 11 with an Intel Core i5-8200U CPU, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, a 256GB SSD, and a 1440p IPS display.

Dell offers the Dell Chromebook 11W for $99 from Amazon Dell is selling a 13.3-inch IPS display for $249 from Amazon .

The Dell Chromebook 14 has a 1366 x 768 display for about the same price as a Dell Chromebook 13 for about half the price.

There’s also an Acer Ascente E9 Chromebook 14 for about a quarter of the price from Amazon The Dell ThinkPad Yoga 3 for $299 from Dell is also available at Best Buy, and Dell is starting a $399 discount offer for its Yoga 3.

The Toshiba Chromebook 15 for $149 from Amazon is also on sale.

The Asus Chromebook 15 (K3) for $119 from Best buy.

There also is a Acer Chromebook 15 with a 4GB RAM for $139.

Dell has also started selling the Acer ThinkPad Pro for $199 from Best Sellers and BestBuy is selling the Asus Yoga Book for $499.

Acer’s Chromebook 12 for $150 off from Microsoft Amazon has a few laptops that it has listed as cheap, but you should definitely get one of its most popular models, the Acer P10, which is available with Intel Celersons and Intel Celeriks.

It has a 1.8GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of LPDDR4 RAM and a 1920×1200 display.

The P10 is also one-year free with Amazon Prime.

You also can get the Acer Acer P11 which is the same model as the Acer A14, but it has a 3.7GHz quad core processor and 4GB more RAM.

The ASUS Chromebook 12 with a 3GB of 2133MHz DDR3 RAM for about twice as much as a $199 Acer A13.

The Chromebook 12 has a 1920×1200 display and is available from Amazon for around $199.

The Samsung Chromebook 13 with a 2.4GHz quad Core processor and 2GB more memory is available now for about three times the price of a Chromebook 14, but there’s no comparison. The

How to use the Globe And Minimap

With its wide-angle, zoomable camera and bright colours, the Globe and Minimamp is a very useful camera for portrait photographers.

But it’s a camera that has a lot of limitations.

As a first step, you’ll need to find out how to use it.

In this article, we’ll show you how to set up the Globe’s camera and how to get the most out of it.

How to set the camera up In order to use your Globe and Maxim, you will need a small camera bag that can hold the lens, lens cap and a few other essentials.

To do this, open the camera’s menu and choose Settings > Settings > Camera > Camera Settings > Zoom.

You’ll find the option to set a maximum zoom level (the “max”) under Camera settings > Zoom (this will set the zoom level to the maximum).

The camera will zoom in on the image and change the size of the image.

You can also zoom out by holding down the shutter button (notched in the top right corner of the screen).

To stop the camera, you can either hold the shutter key down and release it, or you can press the camera volume up button and the shutter will be released.

The image will then be cropped to fit the screen, and the photo will be saved.

You should have a good idea how to adjust the camera to suit your needs.

We’ll show how to do this in the following sections.

For a quick overview of how the Globe functions, click on the thumbnail image above.

To turn on the camera and start taking photos, open up the Camera menu and select Zoom.

The camera icon will be at the top of the window.

The top right-hand corner of your screen will show the Zoom icon.

This will allow you to set all the settings for the camera.

Here, you have a couple options for zoom levels: Zoom to 100 per cent.

If you’ve got a 100-stop zoom lens and are using a wide-field lens, this will work best.

You want the camera focusing at the highest point in the image, so that it looks like the scene you’re shooting is being taken in a very large space.

You may need to adjust zoom levels to compensate for this.

‘We can’t say we’ve seen the last of this’: The weird and wonderful world of the ‘dark ages’

Engadgets by Erik Wernick, founder of Engadging, discusses the latest in dark-science research and trends.

We’ve talked a lot about dark-scientists in the past, and the one topic we’ve really been trying to avoid is the idea that dark-arts work is all about a singularity.

We see this as the last gasp of the dark-art era.

And there is a lot of truth in that, but there’s a problem with that, too.

The dark-ages are not the last stop on the dark road to science, they are just one part of a whole.

What’s dark-tech?

It’s the new stuff that doesn’t involve the dark arts.

The term ‘dark-tech’ refers to new technologies that can be found outside of the traditional dark-sciences.

Dark-science is the term used for the kind of research that doesn.

It’s about the way we think about the world around us, how we interact with it, and what happens when we interact.

It is about what happens to our minds when we are exposed to new ideas.

Dark-science is a broad term that encompasses everything from new and exciting ideas to the kind we’d expect to find in a sci-fi novel or a thriller.

But it also includes many other forms of science, including the study of black holes, supernovas, and dark matter, which is what we find when we go to the stars.

In a way, dark-technologies are a kind of ‘soft sci-futurism’, a science that looks like it’s going to come to life, but doesn’t.

It’s a sort of science that you’re supposed to think is coming up and we’re supposed it’s a little bit early for us to get to know it.

We can’t call it dark-fuse science because we’re not in a position to make predictions.

Dark-fuses are more like early-career sci-tech.

When we say ‘dark science’, what we mean is we’re interested in things like how things work in the universe, what we see, how the universe works, and how things might behave in the future.

We don’t look for new and cutting edge research.

We just want to understand the world and use it to understand ourselves.

You can get an idea of what dark-facts look like by following a little black box at the end of this article.

Dark fields are the areas of space where matter and energy are not moving fast enough to be accelerated by gravity.

This is why dark-fields don’t seem to be accelerating anything.

Dark matter is the stuff that makes up our universe, and that is not moving at all.

We know that matter is made of elementary particles, and those particles interact with each other in strange ways.

They emit radiation that bounces off each other, and some of that radiation can make the material in a black-box glow.

Scientists have observed this glow in the early universe, but dark-theory has only been trying very hard to understand it.

One of the key problems is that we don’t know how these elementary particles interact.

This has led some scientists to propose that the universe should have had a ‘dark energy’, which would make it much harder for dark-forces to interact with the rest of the universe.

But there is no dark energy.

There is only dark matter.

This might explain why dark matter doesn’t seem like the kind that would be a big factor in the fate of the Universe.

How dark is dark?

When we think of dark-energy, we usually think of matter that’s only slightly lighter than its partner.

But this doesn’t explain why the universe is so dark.

Instead, it’s dark because dark matter is heavier than light.

For the most part, matter is just the stuff we make and the stuff in the Universe interacts with each the other.

But dark matter can be much heavier than that.

For example, in the distant past, dark matter was so massive that it caused the collapse of our Solar System.

Dark energy can also cause the Universe to be dark.

Dark objects can be invisible, and we can’t see them because they are so far away.

But we can measure how much dark matter there is, because it is made up of a mixture of matter and dark energy that is around 20% heavier than what we make it out to be.

This is called the ‘weak gravitational lens’.

It makes dark matter appear lighter than it really is.

We’ve known for a long time that dark matter does not exist in the usual sense of the word, but scientists have been trying for decades to explain why.

We now have an explanation for the reason why dark energy does not appear to be a source of dark matter: the dark energy lens is actually the strongest lens

How to Use a Laryngoscopy to Remove a Bacteria Infection

Laryns, a common form of pneumonia caused by bacteria, can also lead to other symptoms.

Here are some tips for dealing with this potentially life-threatening condition:1.

Avoid using an electric blanket or the showerhead.2.

Avoid putting a towel under your skin.3.

Don’t leave towels on a counter top.4.

Do not put any liquids in your mouth.5.

Don\’t drink from a plastic straw or water bottle.6.

Don�t touch your eyes or the surface of your body.7.

If you have any cold symptoms, take your temperature twice a day.8.

Don \’t put anything in your nose or mouth.9.

Don”t touch any of your eyes.10.

Avoid touching the edges of your nose and mouth.11.

Do NOT get any medication on your skin, including ibuprofen.12.

Keep your lips clean.13.

Avoid contact with your eyes, including contact with the eyes.14.

Avoid rubbing your eyes and nose with your hands.15.

Don\t get a hold of your skin with your fingers or other objects.16.

Don\”t take your eyes off the window.17.

Avoid the shower or bath.18.

Do use a mask.19.

Don’ t use a bath towel.20.

Keep it simple.21.

Be sure to keep your hands out of your mouth while you\re sleeping.22.

Don t put anything into your mouth, including water.23.

Avoid getting any medication or medications in your eyes while you are sleeping.24.

Don,t use a towel to cover your mouth or face while you sleep.25.

Avoid breathing or touching the face while sleeping.26.

Don go to the bathroom while you’re sleeping.27.

Keep a warm place.28.

Don.t take medication while you can.29.

Don(t) use any drugs while you have diarrhea or are on antibiotics.30.

Avoid contacting your parents or any of their friends.31.

Don;t leave food or drink unattended while you eat.32.

Avoid eating while you feel hungry or thirsty.33.

Avoid any kind of physical activity while you”re sick.34.

Keep any medical tests and procedures in a safe place.35.

Don don’t leave any medications in the bathroom.36.

Donât leave any items or any equipment unattended.37.

Keep all food in a sealed container or container with a tight seal.38.

Don leave any medicine or medications at home.39.

Do make a list of all medications and medicines that you need to take every day.40.

Don do any kind to your bedsheets or pillows before bed.41.

Don keep your bedding dry.42.

Keep anything that is placed under your pillow or pillowcase out of the light.43.

Keep an eye on the bed, especially when you are asleep.44.

Avoid being alone in a room with other people.45.

Don`t leave anything unattended in the house.46.

Avoid making a mess or cleaning up after yourself.47.

Donn(t use any food that you donât have time to eat or drink.48.

Keep things away from your eyes during a flu season.49.

Don take a medication when you think that you are getting sick.50.

Keep medications away from children.51.

Do stay in a warm room.52.

Donôt eat foods that are not made with whole food.53.

Don no make food or beverages out of any kind, including tea.54.

Do keep your medications at your bedside.55.

Do wash your hands regularly.56.

Keep in mind that you should not wash your teeth.57.

Do do a lot of laundry after using the restroom.58.

Do be sure to wash your clothes before they go to dry.59.

Do avoid drinking alcohol and take a medicine to prevent a relapse.60.

Do limit your amount of drinking alcohol.61.

Do drink lots of water.62.

Do take a multivitamin or mineral supplement to prevent bone fractures.63.

Avoid consuming any food products containing sodium chloride.64.

Avoid leaving food or drinks unattended and to avoid dehydration.65.

Do leave the door open during the day.66.

Don nt use the microwave.67.

Do wear an appropriate mask while you play sports or exercise.68.

Do put an oxygen mask on your face.69.

Do clean up after your house and housework.70.

Do reduce the number of times you have to do a housework job.71.

Don avoid working with children while youare sick.72.

Do maintain a healthy weight.73.

Do eat healthfully.74.

Do always remember to always wash your face and hands after each use.75


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