How to spot a ‘fake news’ story on the internet Politico

1 of 2 The story, which has circulated on social media and on Twitter, claims the FBI is investigating an attack on an FBI office in San Bernardino, California, by a radical Muslim.

The article has prompted questions on whether the bureau’s investigation is real, and whether the false story was fabricated.

The FBI says it is investigating.

“There are no credible threats to our facilities or the communities we serve,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said in a statement.

“The FBI is committed to the protection of our communities and will continue to work diligently to combat violent extremism and all forms of violence.”

The article, which was published Sunday morning, said an unidentified person had tried to set up a fake Facebook account, and the FBI was investigating the “potential threat.”

It also said the fake account had been “liked” by about 1,000 people, and that the FBI’s San Bernardino office had received about 2,000 reports of suspicious activity.

“FBI and local law enforcement have been working closely with federal and state officials to identify this threat,” the statement said.

The news comes as President Donald Trump continues to face criticism over his decision to delay the release of the details of his travel ban, which he argued was not “Muslim ban” but rather a temporary measure.

Trump told reporters at the White House Monday that the ban was a “travel ban” and that it would go into effect on Friday.

“I’ll let you know when I have a decision on it,” he said.

In a statement, Trump said the White “does not believe the ban is ‘Muslim ban’ and believes the ban has been blocked by the courts.”

The FBI said in March that it had received at least 1,300 reports of a suspicious activity related to the travel ban.

Trump has argued that the travel bans are “extreme vetting,” but the bureau has said that is not the case.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

When laser light is used to kill a cancerous tumour, it could help treat the patient

When a team of Australian scientists used lasers to kill two tumours in mice, they discovered the laser could help the cancerous cells in the mice grow back.

The team at the University of Queensland said they found that the laser treatment resulted in a significant improvement in the ability of the tumours to grow and die.

“In mice treated with this combination of lasers and chemotherapy, they showed substantial and significant improvement and had very rapid and significant recovery,” Dr Chris Hatton, an associate professor of radiology and of molecular pathology at the university, said.

“We were really excited about the results.”

The researchers, from the Department of Radiology at the Queensland University of Technology, were working with the Australian Cancer Society to investigate whether laser treatment could be used to help treat a variety of cancers, including brain tumours.

Dr Hatton said laser treatments could potentially be used in combination with other treatments, including chemotherapy.

“For instance, chemotherapy is able to kill cancer cells by targeting certain enzymes, and this combination may be able to target those same enzymes in cancer cells,” he said.

Dr Chris, who is also a member of the research team, said the team had hoped to find out whether laser treatments might also be used for other cancers.

“It’s not known if this is the only use of laser therapy in other cancers, but we would hope to find that out,” he added.

The researchers hope to further investigate the use of lasers for cancer treatment in the future.

“I think we are very hopeful that we will see a lot more use of this,” Dr Hatterton said.

The study was published online on Tuesday in the journal Science Advances.

‘Saw the news: The dark side of light’

TV presenter and TV presenter James Corden has written an article for the Sunday Times in which he discusses his experience with the light in his own home.

Corden, a light bulb-wielding light bulb evangelist, said he was amazed by the amount of light that could be turned on at the same time.

“There was one point when I was just watching the sky, and the whole ceiling was lit by an artificial source of light, which was actually quite amazing.

It was like, ‘Holy shit, that’s light!'”

He said: “The most amazing thing about this is it’s not just something that happens in your home.

“And that’s a pretty good way to look at it.””

Corden has become a major celebrity for using light to illuminate his home, particularly during his weekly daytime program. “

And that’s a pretty good way to look at it.”

Corden has become a major celebrity for using light to illuminate his home, particularly during his weekly daytime program.

Last year he hosted an annual light show at his home which attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers.

He told the Times: “I’m not the only one who’s been able to use it to light up my home.

I’m one of many who have had a huge light show with my lights and stuff, and it’s been amazing.”

Cords light show last year, which drew thousands of people to his homeCordens light show this year drew a crowd of thousands at his front door in the wake of his first-ever light show, which attracted a huge crowd to his front doorstep.

The BBC’s Top Gear has also been lighting up the city of Bristol with its own light show on Friday night. 

The programme, which started on Friday evening, is part of a wider programme of daytime programmes featuring cars, lights, and other vehicles.

The programme’s first show, hosted by presenter Jeremy Clarkson, attracted more than 4 million viewers.


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