Cymer Light is a startup that’s working on a light-emitting diodes that could be used in the home. Engadgets

Posted March 08, 2018 04:31:31 More than just a cool product, these LEDs could also be used to help fight fires and save lives.

Engadgets has learned that the company has received a patent application for the light-generating LED diodas, which could be applied to other products as well.

In a patent filing from 2018, Cymer’s team said the LEDs are “inherently resistant to light damage” and that “the device has an optimal thermal conductivity” due to its “acoustic design and low thermal expansion.”

The company claims it can generate a small amount of light in just 1.8 microns and that it can provide a “substantial” amount of power to a room.

The patent filing notes that it would take less than 1 micron to create a single LED light.

The patent application states that the diode could be “built into any form of electronic device” and would be “used for lighting up any object, especially windows, doors, and/or doors and windows.”

The patents application says that the devices could be integrated into the “manufacturing process,” “or otherwise integrated into a product, such as a light fixture or a light sensor.”

The company’s website says that Cymer can generate up to 25 lumens per watt and that its “product is compatible with standard LED bulbs, such that the lamps can be used with standard lamps, dimmer switches, and other light sources.”

As Engadges’ blog points out, the patent filing describes the dyes as “extremely safe,” adding that “they have no detectable odor or other harmful properties.”

“The diodeces can be applied in a wide variety of configurations to create light that can be reflected back to the user,” the filing reads.

There are a lot of potential applications for these diodescriptors.

Engads founder, Andrew Boulton, said in a statement that “these diodems are ideal for indoor lighting, which is very important for reducing smoke and other indoor odors in the building.”

It’s not clear how much the diferences in temperature and voltage between the diceless and diode could affect the LED’s performance.

But the patents application indicates that the diode’s “capacitance is high enough to produce a relatively high brightness,” which could allow for higher-output LEDs.

Another company, called Luma, has already developed diodeless diodemes.

The company’s product, which was recently awarded a patent, has an efficiency of “up to 0.7 lumens/mW, which represents the largest brightness yet achievable for a LED.”

Luma’s LED dyes, which can be sold in LED-shaped lights, have a light output of between 1 and 1.5 lumens, but the company says that “luminous efficiency is dependent on the materials used to manufacture the LED light source.”


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