How to Make Your Own Star Wars Holiday Lights with A Light Source, A Miniature Light Source and A Large Miniature Source

As a child, the holiday lights I saw at my local mall would usually be the Star Wars decorations.

I remember looking through a couple of boxes, thinking, “Oh man, those would look great.”

That’s when I started to realize I had an idea of what a light source would look like.

After years of researching light sources, I came up with this idea: light sources would use light emitted from objects in motion to create light that would illuminate the scene.

I figured I could use the same concept to create a light display.

So, I decided to use a light that was not visible from the mall. 

For this project, I wanted to find a light emitting device that would generate a lot of light and create a nice, colorful display.

I ended up searching for light sources that emit light from different sources and decided on LEDs.

After much research, I found that LEDs emit light much brighter than the natural light sources I knew would create a cool, lighty effect.

I found an online tutorial for making a custom LED light source.

After I received the LED light, I got to work.

I had to find some LEDs that were suitable for making the light source but did not require expensive electronics.

I wanted the LEDs to look like the ones in the movie The Phantom Menace.

I found that the most popular LED light sources were red LEDs that emitted a wide range of colors and that were very bright.

I chose a pair of red LEDs because they were about $30, which I could save on a custom light source and because they have a relatively low cost compared to the cost of other lights.

I decided that I wanted one of these red LEDs to light the entire display and a second to illuminate the smaller miniature light sources.

I also decided to make the miniature lights bigger than the real lights to make it look like a real Christmas tree.

I purchased a 3D printer from Shapeways and then cut out a small piece of cardboard about the size of a thumbnail.

I printed out the cardboard to match the cardboard and then put the cardboard together with the light sources and the miniatures.

To make the LED lights, I filled the center of the cardboard with a thin layer of silicone plastic.

After filling the center with silicone, I coated it with some glue and then taped it down.

I then put it in the oven for 10 minutes.

After the silicone glue had dried, I then taped the plastic back together and taped it to the cardboard.

Finally, I put some white electrical tape on top of the plastic to make sure that the LEDs would stay put.

After about 3-4 hours, I was ready to print out the light.

I used a MakerBot Replicator 2 and a Makerbot Replicator Mini to print the light out on a PLA plastic.

I filled up the plastic with silicone and then poured some silicone into the middle of the light and then pressed the plastic down.

Then, I removed the glue from the plastic and applied a coat of silicone glue to seal the area around the light to prevent it from breaking.

Before I printed the light, it was just a rough design.

Once the lights were printed, I placed them on the printer and set the printer to print at 200% and then added a layer of foam padding.

Once I was satisfied with the foam padding, I printed them out with a layer mask.

When I was printing out the LED, I used the foam pad to press down on the LED to make a seal.

After printing out all of the LEDs, I inserted the plastic light source into the light bulb.

When the LEDs started to glow, I could hear the light bulbs in the display and see the lights blink.

I started watching the display in order to get the perfect lighting effect.

For the LED source, I glued a black piece of tape over the LED bulb and then applied a layer to seal it.

I put a white electrical mask over the electrical mask so that the electrical signal would not leak out.

I taped the black electrical tape over it to prevent the electrical noise from escaping.

Then I put the white electrical power strip on top to make everything look more like the original Christmas lights. 

After I had the lights printed, it took about 3 hours to print them out and make them look pretty.

I felt that I had a good lighting effect, so I printed more lights and added more foam padding to make them feel bigger and more like Christmas lights in real life.

After that, I took my final photos and uploaded them to Instagram.

I made sure to take the photos with the LED sources at the center and the miniature lights at the side.

I took the photos while standing in front of the lights and also in front and behind the miniature light sources so that I could make sure they were in the exact same location


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