Canada to build first air ambulance, and then a bigger one, at Edmonton airport

Edmonton, AB – April 17, 2020: An air ambulance and a new ambulance have been announced at Edmonton International Airport, as part of a $1.5 billion project to build a bigger and more efficient air ambulance.

The project to bring more ambulances into the Edmonton International airport will add to Edmonton’s existing fleet of 24 ambulances.

Edmonton has had a fleet of 23 ambulances in operation since 2003, when it purchased a fleet from the United Kingdom.

The airport will have 20 of those ambulances by the end of the decade.

The air ambulance will be a new type of ambulatory vehicle that will be fitted with a large canopy, allowing people to breathe and move around in a more controlled environment, and will be capable of performing medical and other emergency functions.

The new ambulance will also be able to provide medical care and take passengers to the airport.

“This project is an example of what our Government can do with our infrastructure, and our capabilities, to support our cities and our people,” said Alberta Premier Rachel Notley.

“As we continue to grow, we must build new and innovative solutions to meet our needs.

The Alberta Ambulance Association applauds the Government’s decision to support the creation of a larger and more reliable ambulance fleet and its ability to respond to emergencies in an emergency response and respond quickly to emergencies and emergencies of the most complex nature.”

The project is part of the province’s $1-billion plan to modernize Edmonton’s airport and to make it more efficient.

It is also a demonstration of the ability of the provincial government to respond effectively to a crisis, said John DeSimone, CEO of the Alberta Ambulatory Care Association.

“The province has a history of doing innovative things to support communities and people,” DeSimon said.

“The new ambulance is an important step in helping Edmonton to continue to move forward and grow as a community.”

How to make your home look like an island in the ocean in a week

In the UK, this is the year of the ‘cork island’ holiday.

This year, thousands of holidaymakers will take to the sea and the sea is where the holidaymakers are spending the bulk of their time.

It is the perfect setting for an evening of sun-drenched relaxation.

The water here is crystal clear and the sun shines on your face with its gentle heat.

It’s a relaxing and relaxing place to be.

But, in fact, it is a very unhealthy place.

The fact is, the UK’s beaches are the worst for people to swim in the UK.

The UK is the third worst for swimming deaths per 100,000 people in the world.

The worst beaches are also in the North of England, which have the worst beaches in the United Kingdom.

There are so many problems with our beaches that it is the worst thing to do for them, according to scientists.

We are spending a lot of money to keep the UK beaches pristine, but in doing so we are also harming them.

For example, the Royal College of Surgeons found that the average Briton spends about £200 per year on the beach and a beachside resort has a five-year lifespan.

So, we are spending more than we need to keep our beaches clean and healthy.

The best way to reduce our beaches is to make them safer and healthier.

But what are the best ways to reduce the number of deaths in our beaches?

There are many different solutions that can be put to work to reduce deaths and we are going to look at them all.

How to reduce your risk of getting sunstroke?

The best place to go to reduce sunstroke is in the sun.

However, we know that there is a link between the number and severity of sunburns and the risk of sunstroke.

So the sun may be the best thing that can help you reduce your chance of getting a sunstroke, but it is also the worst.

Sunscreen is good, but sunburn is worse The best option to reduce risks of sun damage and sunstroke in the beach is to avoid swimming in the water and the beach.

It may seem counterintuitive, but this is actually a really bad idea.

In fact, a study in 2014 found that people who swim in a hot and polluted environment were more likely to suffer from sunburn, and die, than those who do not.

And this is not only in the hot summer months.

In March, a report by the British Medical Association found that swimming in a polluted pool with poor water quality is the most common cause of death for children under 15 in the US.

The report also found that pollution is a major risk factor for lung cancer.

So why is it that in our own country, we spend a lot on beach safety and we don’t spend enough on getting beaches clean?

This is because we don�t understand how we are creating such a toxic environment and how we can reduce the numbers of deaths from our beaches.

The number of people in Britain who die from sunstroke has doubled in the last 30 years, which means that our beaches have become more polluted.

We can take a look at the numbers.

The National Health Service has found that nearly 1,400 people die from swimming in public each year.

The government has said that the number one cause of deaths related to sunstroke was over-eating, with nearly 3,500 people dying from this.

There is evidence that the sun has a direct effect on the body and that the increase in sun exposure may increase the risk for sunstroke or other health problems.

A study published in 2009 found that a year of over-feeding by British teenagers is associated with a 30% increase in the risk that they will develop sunstroke as a result of the sun’s harmful rays.

What we need is a system of laws that we can put in place that will make sure that we are safe, but also that we get the sun in our life.

What are the solutions to reducing deaths in the beaches?

The British National Health Services recommends that people wear sunscreen, which reduces the risk.

This is the main thing we should do to help reduce deaths in beachside resorts.

This can be achieved by banning swimming at beaches.

This would stop people from getting sunburn from their body’s reaction to sun exposure.

It would also reduce the risk from people getting sun-induced sunstroke from other people swimming at the beach or sun-sensitive food in the kitchen.

It might also reduce sun-related injuries and deaths from other beach-related problems such as cuts, bruises and other skin conditions.

And, of course, it would mean a huge reduction in the number who will die from drowning and other related accidents.

The Royal Society for Public Health also recommends that the British public be educated about the health risks of swimming in beaches.

That means that people should understand that there are no beaches for swimming in and they should also know that


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