Republicans want to cut Medicaid in 2020

POLITICO title How to replace TrumpCare with a health care plan with bipartisan support article POLITICO The GOP is looking to dismantle President Donald TrumpCare in the short term by taking up the most popular health care bill in decades, according to congressional Republicans who are pressing for it to be written into a bipartisan budget.

In the long term, however, GOP lawmakers say they are focused on building a plan that can win over enough votes to pass the Senate and send a tax cut to Trump’s desk in the fall.

“The plan we’re working on is a plan to fix the health care system in the United States,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said in an interview Tuesday.

“I think it’s a plan of the future.”

Graham and his fellow GOP senators want to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with a plan they call “Medicaid-for-all.”

In their plan, they’d replace Medicaid expansion with a universal, universal health insurance plan that includes everyone — including children, seniors, people with disabilities and people with pre-existing conditions — without charge.

The plan would eliminate federal funding for Medicaid expansion in states that opt out of the expansion and replace it with a system that’s modeled after the U.S. Medicare system, which has proven effective at covering people with the costs of medical expenses.

The legislation would also establish a new $500 million fund to pay for the program, as well as a plan for the expansion to expand to more states in 2020.

It’s one of several changes GOP leaders have made since Trump was inaugurated in January, including moving to repeal Obamacare’s individual mandate to pay more in taxes.

But Graham and other Republican lawmakers say the new health care package is a better fit for their agenda, because it takes into account both the rising cost of health care, which many Republicans say is increasing the number of uninsured Americans, and the fact that many states are struggling with their Medicaid expansion and rising costs.

The TrumpCare plan would replace Medicaid in most states with a $700 per month tax credit that would apply to most of the $12,600 in income a person would be required to pay out of pocket under the Medicaid expansion.

It would also give states the option of leaving Medicaid expansion completely in place, or reducing the amount of that money by cutting benefits for low-income people.

The Republican plan would also expand Medicaid eligibility to include people with incomes up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level, with states receiving an additional $3,000 per person to help cover costs.

It also would create a new, federal-state health care exchange, which would allow consumers to shop for coverage on federal health insurance plans.

The Medicaid expansion would also end in 2020, when states would be able to choose whether to continue to expand the program or not.

But TrumpCare’s repeal and replace would be phased in gradually over a decade, and it’s unclear how many Americans would lose coverage if the law is repealed and replaced.

Graham said the plan would include $10 trillion in new revenue over 10 years, including an additional one billion dollars for Medicaid and a new federal job creation tax credit.

He said he’s confident that the GOP plan will be passed, though he acknowledged that some members of his party may not support the plan because it’s too expensive.

“There’s going to be a lot of skepticism about the idea of replacing something that costs so much, especially when you have a bill that does not contain all of the provisions that it originally had,” Graham said.

The House Ways and Means Committee approved a $2.7 trillion bill that would repeal TrumpCare on Wednesday.

The bill would replace the ACA’s individual and employer mandate with a “Medicare-for all” plan that covers everyone, without charging a single person more.

It will also provide $500 billion in federal tax relief to help states reduce Medicaid costs.

“This is going to make Medicaid more affordable, and more effective at addressing the health disparities in our country,” Sen, Mike Enzi, R, Wyo., told reporters.

“In fact, we are going to eliminate Medicaid completely in 2020.”

It will be the first time the GOP’s health care proposal has ever passed the Senate.

It has also been met with opposition from many conservatives who say it will lead to fewer jobs, less access to care and more government intrusion into the private health insurance market.

Republicans have said they will seek to repeal the law as quickly as possible.

The proposal would require states to offer Medicaid expansion by 2020, and would extend the program through 2025.

“We can’t let Medicaid be used to buy insurance in the marketplace and pay premiums,” Sen John Thune, R -S.D., the committee’s second-ranking Republican, told reporters Tuesday.

The GOP bill would also replace the Medicaid program with a new system modeled after Medicare, with some elements removed.

“Our goal is to have a single-payer, universal Medicare-for years to come,” Graham told reporters, adding that he thinks “Medicares is


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