Modi wins Delhi election, as the BJP wins a landslide in Uttar Pradesh

Narendra Modi has won the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections.

The BJP had been trailing behind the Congress for the majority.

A win for Modi would give the BJP a majority in the 150-member assembly.

This would give it control of the state’s upper house, which would allow it to enact the most radical and divisive policies.

The Congress had been the only party with a clear majority in both houses of parliament.

Modi, however, was able to defeat the Congress and retain his seat.

He also became the first BJP prime minister in over a century to be elected without a majority.

He had previously been in power for two decades, which saw his party take control of both houses in 2019 and again in 2022.

Modi has been the BJP’s prime minister for more than a decade.

After winning the election, the party announced a new manifesto which promised to give the state the “best quality of life”.

In a speech to his party’s supporters, Modi had also promised to make the country a “living hell” and bring a “great change” in governance.

Modi’s win is a major blow to the Congress, which has been in the majority for almost two decades.

On the campaign trail, Modi was greeted with cheers and applause, and the cheers were not muted by the fact that the Congress was running a candidate with a record of corruption.

The Congress was in power when Modi took office. AAP/AP


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