How to Stop Ignoring the Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is the most urgent crisis we face.

It is one of the greatest threats we face in our lifetimes.

This is why we must fight it with all of our might, whether it is through a strong national leadership and a strong legislative agenda, or through new technologies and policy approaches that address the immediate needs of the planet.

For this reason, we need a leader in each of the parties who can make the case for bold action on climate change, as well as for leadership on solutions.

I will address some of the key challenges facing the world today, and I will share some of my thoughts with you.

First, we must get serious about climate action.

This means investing in clean energy sources that can power our homes and our cities.

This requires new forms of energy, which we need.

A new generation of technologies can help us get to zero emissions of energy within our lifecycle.

This technology is called “smart” grid technology.

This will enable us to use solar, wind, and other energy sources to power our electric vehicles, our homes, and our communities.

Smart grid technology will also be the basis for our national energy policy.

We need to shift from coal to clean energy.

Coal is a critical energy source for many of our fossil fuel-dependent industries, including power plants, mines, and refineries.

These are all vital for our health, our climate, and the economy of this country.

To reduce our carbon emissions and address the climate crisis, we can either shift away from coal-fired power plants and toward cleaner energy sources.

This approach will require bold action from the White House, but we can do it without sacrificing our economic future.

We can shift away as quickly as possible from coal, but the fight will continue.

The challenge facing the planet today is not just an economic one, but also a climate one.

We have the technology, the knowledge, and a sense of urgency to meet this challenge.

But we can’t afford to wait for someone else to make a change.

We will need to be ready to take action now.

This time is critical.

Our world is changing.

We are facing a planetary crisis that threatens to change our way of life forever.

The future of our planet is in our hands.

I am hopeful that in this year of the Earth Day, we will have a clear vision for the future of America, the world, and ourselves.

And I will do everything I can to make sure we are doing the right thing.

I have already signed an executive order that will be an opportunity to make good on that commitment.

But it is not enough.

As I promised, this year marks the first in which I will be personally launching the Clean Power Plan, a plan that will reduce our country’s carbon emissions by 25 percent from 2005 levels by 2030.

This ambitious plan will require new forms and technologies to meet our goal.

It will require an ambitious commitment to clean and renewable energy sources and an enormous investment in clean infrastructure.

It also requires a strong and aggressive public policy that recognizes the urgency of climate change and takes action to address it.

I know that we can achieve our goals.

The United States is the only advanced country on earth that can and should achieve the ambitious climate goals I have outlined here.

We also have the skills and the resources to make our efforts a reality.

But our country needs leadership, and we need to start building the leadership now.

It takes courage and determination to make big, bold, and bold-sounding decisions, and America’s leadership is sorely lacking.

We must be bold enough to take on the world’s biggest challenge today.

This week, I am announcing the formation of a team to lead our national response to the climate emergency.

We know this team will be able to put the world on notice that we will not waver from our goal of doing the hard work of fighting climate change.

And we will be bold and persistent.

We want to do what it takes to lead the world in the fight against climate change so that the world can be safe and secure again.

That is why I am creating this new group of advisers and a new team to be known as the National Climate Leadership Council.

The team will work closely with the Cabinet Office and the Departments of Energy and Commerce, the Justice Department, the Treasury Department, and various other agencies.

And, in addition to the members of this group, I will appoint a few of my closest friends and allies from across the political spectrum.

Together, we are building the world that can stand up to the threats we have faced.

We recognize that the fight to save our planet must be the fight of all of us, and that the leaders we elect must be leaders who are committed to helping the world to be safer and more secure.

In short, the climate is changing, and this country is at a critical juncture.

We all need to come together to confront the climate challenge.

The climate is not a spectator sport.

We face serious challenges that require urgent


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