How to avoid the sun’s harmful rays

Light pollution is killing the birds, too.

The problem is that most of the time, the problem is not that the birds are ill, but rather that they are dying.

But this year, the death toll is staggering.

The reason is that the Sun’s rays have caused more than 100,000 birds to die, according to a study by scientists at the University of Sydney.

“The number of deaths in Australia was the highest we’ve seen in 20 years,” Professor John Hoey, a researcher at the Institute for Marine and Coastal Research, said.

“It’s a really, really bad situation.”

In his study, Professor Hoeys team identified 11 bird species that were most likely to die due to light pollution.

They found that in a population of 1,000 Australian birds, a bird would be dead on average about five times more often if it was not facing the Sun.

In contrast, a population that faced the Sun only faced about one-third as many deaths, according the study.

The researchers say it’s not only birds that are dying, it’s people as well.

The study found that people were twice as likely to be injured by light pollution as other people.

“We think that if you don’t take steps to reduce your exposure to light then the risk to people will be even greater,” Professor Hoes said.

The findings have also sparked an outcry from environmental groups.

“This is a shocking indictment of the way light pollution is impacting our environment,” the Environmental Defence Fund said in a statement.

The study was published in the journal Nature Communications. “

These findings also call into question the way that Australian policy-makers and policymakers are dealing with the issue.”

The study was published in the journal Nature Communications.

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