How can we reduce our emissions? Here’s what you need to know about climate change

In March, President Donald Trump announced he was withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement, a move that many say could lead to the loss of tens of millions of jobs in manufacturing, manufacturing and other industries.

On Thursday, the president and the Environmental Protection Agency announced a new rule that would require companies to consider their greenhouse gas emissions when setting fuel efficiency standards.

The rule will also require companies that build new plants to use cleaner energy and will allow for additional scrutiny of energy-saving technologies.

Trump has been a staunch proponent of renewable energy, saying at a rally in June that he wanted to be the biggest “greener president in history.”

Trump also promised to revive the coal industry and vowed to “bring back coal jobs,” which he said were disappearing because of climate change.

But the rule could be a boon to the fossil fuel industry.

The rule is not without its critics, as it was delayed several times, including in May when it was set to take effect and several days later when Trump announced that it was canceled.

In a statement, the Environmental Defense Fund, a conservative environmental advocacy group, said that Trump’s decision was “another step in the Trump administration’s long and painful assault on the environment and climate science.

Trump has called climate change a hoax, saying that “nobody knows for sure” whether human activity contributes to the planet’s warming. “

The rule will not be enforced and will only hurt American workers,” the group said.

Trump has called climate change a hoax, saying that “nobody knows for sure” whether human activity contributes to the planet’s warming.

It’s unclear if the president plans to reverse his decision, but the Associated Press reported Thursday that the administration is considering delaying the rule, which was set in motion by Trump in April.


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