Google News: Australia’s top 10 tech news stories

Google News is Australia’s most read news source for tech content, according to Google Trends.

The company says the Australian news aggregator is home to more than one billion people, and is home on average to 20 news stories a day.

Top stories on Google News in August:The US: The first time US President Donald Trump had to be called to the podium at a joint session of Congress was the first time he had to speak directly to Congress.

Trump also took the opportunity to announce a $1 billion investment in infrastructure to make the country safer, as well as $100 billion to the National Flood Insurance Program, and $500 million to support new manufacturing facilities in the United States.

Australia: The US presidential election was won by Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, who defeated Republican nominee Donald Trump in the first round of voting in 2020.

In the second round, the US election was between the two major parties, with the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton beating her rival Donald Trump.

Sanders won the popular vote, but lost the electoral college.

Australia’s first lady, Julie Bishop, has called the result “a huge disappointment” and said it was “a great step backwards”.

Google Trends shows the US presidential elections result was the largest news story on the news aggregators Google News and NewsBusters in Australia in August, ahead of the election.

Google News’ ranking for August 2018:In August 2018, Google News was the second most read tech news source in Australia, with more than 4 billion monthly users, according Google Trends data.

According to Google, Australia’s Top 10 tech stories were:The story was the most-read story in the US, with Google News ranking ahead of CNN, CBS News and MSNBC.

It was also the most popular story in Australia.

In August 2017, Google said it would create a new category on the company’s news aggregation site called News Busters to encourage users to share news from the company.

New categories were created to help users share stories that they think people should be able to find, said Google.

“News Busters has been created to be a platform for people to share stories they find through the search engine,” it said in a blog post.

“We’ve created a new section called NewsBuster for the US to show their news and help others find it.”



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