A mysterious meteor shower will shower light on Christmas eve and beyond, NASA says

A mysterious shower of light will fall on Christmas Eve and into the New Year, NASA said Thursday.

The meteors are estimated to reach a width of about 60 miles (100 kilometers) and are known as a meteor shower.

The shower is best seen during the evening hours on Christmas, when the sun is closest to Earth.

NASA called the meteor showers Perseids and Auroras.

It is also called the Great Meteor Shower because it is so bright.

Meteor showers are named for their brightness, which makes it appear as though there are many smaller ones that are moving across the sky.

Perseids are more common than auroras.

A Perseid shower is named after the constellation Perseus, the same name as the shower.

This image was taken in the early morning hours on Dec. 26, 2012, in New Mexico.

NASA’s Space Telescope Science Institute captured this image of the Perseid meteor shower on Dec 30, 2012 from a NASA telescope in New Guise, Arizona.


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