Trump orders Pentagon to investigate possible ties to Russia

Trump ordered the Pentagon to launch an investigation into potential ties between Russia and the Trump campaign, after the president accused his former national security adviser Michael Flynn of making false statements about his communications with Russia during the campaign.

The investigation will be led by a former deputy attorney general who is a longtime associate of the president’s, according to The Washington Post.

The probe will focus on Flynn’s contacts with the Russian ambassador to the United States and on Russian intelligence, according a statement from the office of Sen. Joe Manchin Joseph (Joe) ManchinOvernight Energy: Trump administration seeks more aggressive emissions standards for coal, oil and gas | Judge halts Alaska methane drilling | Court upholds EPA rule on greenhouse gas emissions from coal power plants | Judge rules out EPA’s methane rule | EPA approves plan to ease methane rules | EPA suspends methane rule in Montana EPA suspensions methane rule, permits EPA to issue methane rule to the states | EPA seeks review of Hawaii methane rule The Hill’s Morning Report — Kavanaugh, Kavanaugh to testify next week MORE (D-W.

Va.) and Sen. Angus King Angus Stanley KingA Senator Gary Johnson could be good not just for Libertarians, but for the Senate too Restoring our national parks could be the next great American tradition MORE (I-Maine) are calling for.

They’re asking Trump to appoint a special counsel to lead the investigation.

They also want the Justice Department to investigate Trump’s business ties with Russia, including whether he broke the law.

“As a nation, we cannot let this administration hide behind false narratives that it is a peaceful transition to democracy,” the senators wrote.

“As the nation’s chief executive, you cannot lie to us about our security.

We must know what you are doing and when you are using it to hide the truth.”

Flynn was forced to resign last month amid controversy over his communications to Russia’s ambassador to Washington.

A former deputy national security advisor who is now a longtime ally of the Trump White House has also come under scrutiny for a series of contacts he had with the Kremlin during the 2016 campaign.

VP Biden to hold campaign launch in Detroit tonight for Trump campaign

Vice President Joe Biden will hold a campaign launch party for Donald Trump in Detroit this evening, according to a campaign official.

Biden will be in Michigan for the kickoff of his vice presidential bid, the official said.

The announcement comes less than 24 hours after Biden spoke to the Detroit Free Press about his decision to not run for president.

He told the paper that he believes it’s “time to step away from politics,” adding, “I’m not going to go back in that race.

I’m not even going to run again for president.”

Biden will join several other top campaign surrogates, including former Maryland Gov.

Martin O’Malley, New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie and Pennsylvania Sen. Joe Sestak in Detroit.

Biden was expected to address a large crowd at the Detroit Sports Arena at 3 p.m.


Biden has been holding a rally in Detroit since July, when he hosted a Democratic Governors Association fundraiser for his daughter Chelsea.

He has been a regular attendee at Republican political fundraisers.

The light bulb market is a bubble worth watching

As the market’s popularity grows, the industry’s biggest question has been whether consumers will find value in the bulbs, as they are now.

The answer, so far, appears to be no.

The industry has seen a rapid increase in the price of light bulbs in recent years.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that light bulb prices rose $4.6 billion last year, compared to $1.5 billion in 2013.

And a recent report by the National Association of Home Builders found that the price tag for a typical light bulb has risen $4,000 over the past decade.

It has been speculated that the rise in bulb prices is a result of a surge in consumer demand for LEDs, or LEDs that emit light at a much higher wavelength.

LEDs are brighter than incandescent bulbs, making them ideal for outdoor lighting.

But the trend is still in its infancy, with manufacturers like Philips announcing last year that they are looking at replacing their existing incandescents with LED bulbs.

Consumers may not be eager to spend the extra cash on LEDs because they are still a relatively new technology.

In the United States, the price for an LED bulb is now roughly $40 per watt.

The price for the new standard bulbs is expected to be $65 per watt, which is more expensive than the LED bulbs currently on the market.

So far, there have been no serious lawsuits against Philips, but the lights are expected to have an impact on consumers who buy bulbs at the store.

If you are not a fan of incandescent bulbs, the new lights may be the only way to save money.

In fact, many people are already using them as the primary source of lighting in their homes.

But that doesn’t mean that you should.

How to avoid the flu: What to do if you have it

The flu is one of the most common infectious diseases that can strike any time of year.

The virus can cause flu-like symptoms including cough, fever, sore throat, runny nose and cough.

It’s also highly contagious, meaning it can be transmitted to other people who have contact with infected people.

It can be passed between family members, and the illness can be fatal.

You can prevent it by avoiding areas where the flu is prevalent, and avoiding places with lots of people who share the same housing or work in close proximity.

If you’re not sure how to handle flu symptoms, ask your doctor to recommend things you should avoid or what to do about flu-related illnesses.

You might also want to see a doctor about common cold symptoms that can be treated.

Common cold symptoms include cough, runniness, shortness of breath and runny noses.

If your symptoms are getting worse or if you’re feeling unwell, seek medical attention.

Common flu-specific symptoms include fever, cough, sore neck, muscle aches and muscle ache-like pain.

Other common symptoms include: Headaches

How to play Football Italian with Polychromatic Light Source ue3

title Football Italy: How to use Polychromaic light source to make your game interesting article title Play Football Italo with Polycchromatic Lights article title Playing Football Italians with Polycyan Light source u8 source definition definition,play Football Itals article title What is Football Itallian?

article title The best Football Italls source definition source u7,football Italls article title Can I play Footballitalian with polychromatic lights?

article source definition article title Polychromatics and Football Italfa source definition

What a Fiber Light Can Teach Us About the Future of Life

We can imagine ourselves in a world in which all of our devices, all of the data, all the information, and all of that information is all being stored on the cloud.

But what if there’s a way to turn that data into something tangible, that can be shared?

How would that be done?

To get there, I reached out to the team behind the fiber optic network that connects the entire United States with New York City.

And I found myself in the company of a man named Michael Ruppel, a senior manager at New York-based New York Fiber Optics, a fiber optic company that is one of the largest providers of fiber optics in the country.

Michael Rippel Michael Riddel (left) and his co-founder David Kriegel, who is now at Microsoft.

Michael Rippell: The idea of the Internet is really to give you access to a wealth of information, but to have it in a way that’s accessible to everyone, in a very low-cost way.

So what we’re doing is a pretty basic one.

We have fiber optic cables in many places, from Brooklyn to New York, from the Bronx to Staten Island.

And we’re connecting them.

We’re getting the signal from New York to Manhattan.

We’ll get that signal from Staten Island to Manhattan, and we’ll get the signal to New Jersey and New York.

And then we’ll connect the two cities.

Then we’ll have fiber-optic cable to New Orleans.

And it’s actually a very simple, very easy thing to do.

And so it’s not like we’re just creating a big giant box.

We are connecting thousands of miles of fiber-networks all over the United States.

The New York Times story I read was that it’s the largest fiber-to-the-home system in the world.

The largest fiber network in the United Kingdom.

And New York is the largest city in the U.S. That’s right, we’re one of three major cities in the entire U.K. with fiber networks that are connected by fiber optic cable.

And the first thing that I found out about that is that it really was not just a giant box to connect New York and New Jersey, New York was the first city to go fiber-only.

New York had its first fiber-per-capita network, and then it’s kind of evolved, and it’s just been evolving as the New York metropolitan area has grown.

So the idea of connecting New York all the way from Brooklyn all the ways to the Bronx was something that we were not able to do before.

And as a result, we didn’t have a real way to connect the entire country, and New Yorkers were able to take a lot of the responsibility and power of being the network operator in their own backyard.

We had to figure out how to figure it out.

And that’s where New York came in.

The city is an incredibly dense urban area.

We can connect to all of New York with fiber, and there’s not a whole lot of cities where you can connect all of your people with fiber.

And in New York we can have the biggest network of fiber that exists.

And there are about 200,000 New Yorkers connected to fiber in New New York alone.

But in order to get the whole country to get that fiber, we had to get them to join the network.

And at the same time, we also had to have a network that was competitive and competitively priced.

So, we were really building an infrastructure that was very competitively competitive and was scalable.

So it was really just a matter of figuring out what we could do to keep up with the competition, and that’s what we did.

David Krugel: So, what made you decide to take on this responsibility and the challenge of scaling fiber networks?

Michael Rittel: Well, I think that there are two kinds of fiber networks.

There are fiber-type networks that have the highest throughput, the highest capacity, and the lowest latency.

And those are the ones that are available in New Jersey.

And our fiber-like network, we’ve called it the fiber-based network.

So our fiber network, it has high throughput, but it has a very high latency.

The fiber-borne network is very fast, but the fiber that you see is very slow.

And this was a critical issue that we had in the network that we built for New Jersey because New Jersey is one very dense city.

New Jersey has more than one million people, so it really takes a lot for the fiber to reach those New Yorkers.

And when we had the first fiber in 2006, we could get about 15,000 calls per day from New Jersey with fiber-speed speeds that were not even close to what we had today.

So that’s why we had a huge problem with our fiber to the home.

And also because


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